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About BUFA and Our Mission

Black Urban Farmers Association (BUFA) was established in 2015 by a group of 12 people who desired to grow and make available healthy all natural food to the local community with a focus on the African American Community.  We carry on with 3 of the original founders. Everyone contributes to see the mission fulfilled and expand the possibilities of BUFA Stockton. Our produce is grown locally and is pesticide free. We work together with our founders, volunteers, and donations to create an efficient and sustainable small crop, pesticide-free farm. From each harvest we hope to sell produce boxes and market produce. The goal is to be financially stable enough to give back to our beautiful community.

We ONLY sell what we grow!  

Our Success

BUFA Farm was founded to engage community, students,  and visitors in sustainable farming techniques, the joys of tasting new foods, and environmental stewardship. 

Our Farm

Located in the fertile San Joaquin Valley, BUFA is inside the small town of French Camp, CA. We are constantly learning, cultivating and expanding to better serve our community.


Our Mission

Our mission is to positively impact health and hunger by providing locally grown pesticide-free fruits and vegetables. We highlight African American Cuisine and a plant-based diet.

Our Founders

BUFA is made possible by 12 founders and countless supporters, both of whom bring their dedication and passion to positively impact change.